Have you been searching for a psychological office that offers comprehensive ADD and ADHD evaluations?  Are you concerned your child may have a learning disorder?  Are you looking for clinical therapists who can strategize with you and offer real life, proven treatment recommendations that will help your child and family?  Premier Psychological Services offers exactly what you are looking for.  As a personal, helpful psychological testing and counseling center in Houston, Texas, we work with people of all ages to see if the symptoms they have REALLY are ADD/ADHD or something that is mimicking the symptoms of this disorder.  Visit us today and let our compassionate staff and experienced doctors help you and your family!

Your total well being is very important to us.  Our professional and caring psychologists and therapists work closely with you and your child, carefully and thoroughly explaining all the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, as well as the full spectrum of other childhood disorders.  We will offer to you the guidance and support you need.  When you visit Premier, you can rest assured that your family is receiving the best care available.  We work around your schedule through flexible appointment times and will check to see if your insurance will possibly reimburse you for our services, making this process as easy as possible.

You can always depend on Premier Psychological Services for the best care available.  We approach each child and family as unique and special with their own strengths and weaknesses.  We work with you to strengthen and promote what is already working well in your family and help you modify and improve the areas that are causing you distress.

Whether you would like your child tested or you would like family or individual counseling, we’re here for you.  We go above and beyond average testing processes to bring your family together and help you understand what is happening with your child.  While we concentrate our psychological evaluations on children, adults are always welcome to make an appointment and receive the same personalized service.

Your optimum well-being is our goal so we make sure the best services are available to you.  Our office and doctors will follow up on your progress and give the added support you need to deal with ADD/ADHD or other Learning Disorders. 

Improve your family’s life as soon as possible – call Premier Psychological Services today.

"God Blesses Every Day....It's Up to Us to Notice!"


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