Accommodations Testing for Entrance Exams


If you are preparing to take a standardized exam such as the SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, ISEE, or GMAT, then you know how high the stakes are and how enormous the stress levels can be. These are high stakes exams and your future academic and career goals often depend on these test scores. Talk about pressure!


If you have been diagnosed with a condition which hinders your ability to perform on tests, you may be eligible for accommodations on these exams. In fact, individuals with a diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, or a cognitive disorder such as slow information processing speed, may be given time and a half or double the normal time to take the examination.

Please understand, however, to be considered for additional time (or other accommodations), you must meet the complex set of requirements of testing agencies and licensing boards. These requirements are different and more difficult than getting accommodations in public school. They require a current, comprehensive psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation in which specific required tests are administered, normed according to proper guidelines, and reported in a format they specify. The report must include specific information about your condition, current and past, and include developmental and academic histories. The report must also include evidence of the condition's significant impact on current and early major life activities. Unless all instructions are carefully followed, the professional report will likely be rejected by the testing agency and you will be denied accommodations even if you have received accommodations in the past. As you can imagine, a letter from your physician is not adequate. Your request for accommodations must be accompanied by the type of comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation discussed above, with test scores provided. Because of the stringent requirements of these testing agencies, it is essential you go to a professional who has considerable expertise in this area, otherwise, you may risk being rejected.