Premier Psychological Services in Houston, TX offers therapeutic services tailored to meet each family’s unique concerns. Here is a brief overview of the services you can expect to receive from our psychologists:

Individual Therapy

In our sessions with young children, we focus on “stop and think” therapy. Children will be taught self-control and respect for others. We teach problem-solving skills, time management, and homework skills. We emphasize how to decrease impulsivity and how to monitor behaviors. For older children and teenagers, we teach the techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and work with children on recognizing how their unhealthy thoughts can impact their feelings and their choices. Sessions are active and thought-provoking to aid in constructive change.

Family Therapy

This is time spent learning how to adjust to the news that your child has a specific diagnosis and what to expect as your child ages. This is also a time to work through emotionally charged parenting issues with yourself, with siblings, and other family members.

Parent Training

We typically include this as part of both individual and family therapy, in which we teach and guide parents on how to help their child be more resilient and obedient. We give parents the skills they need to effectively discipline their children as well as how to teach their kids to be successful at behaving and following parent and teacher instructions.

Social Skills Classes

We offer these classes at various times throughout the year. Please call the office to inquire about our next 8-week semester! In these classes, we teach children how to be a part of a group, learn how to read non-verbal cues, recognize expected and unexpected behaviors, improving self-awareness and strengthening self-monitoring behaviors in a group. These are fun-filled classes that inspire children to learn!